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The Blue Gobo Stereo Audio Amp fully built and ready to make awesome sound.
The Gobo in Bamboo.
The input on the Gobo accepts iPods, CD players, and any other line-level input.
The Gobo in orange acrylic during the day.
The black lights in the orange Gobo glow green in the dark!
The Gobo in black acrylic.
Looking at the hook-ups from the back on the Bamboo Gobo.
Making your first solders on the amp board.
Seating the Op Amp chip leads.
Measuring the DC power supply voltage.
Wiring and soldering the volume potentiometer (POT).
Attaching the toroidial transformer to the acrylic case.
Final step! Tightening the metal volume knob.

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Everything you need to build your own Class AB amp!