Start to Finish Everything Included Amp Kit Products

Everything you need to make your mini guitar amp! SoloG Pocket Guitar Amp Kit

Super easy first project! This guitar amp will fit in your back pocket and you can use it with either headphones, or speakers, or plug it into your regular amp to add another groovy effect. 

SoloB Pocket Bass Amp Kit

Another easy first project! This practice amp is specifically tuned to sound good in the lower register of bass guitars. It will fit in your back pocket and you can use it with headphones or speakers or for recording. Responds to volume and tone controls. Works with both active and passive pickups.

The headphone amp kit parts. SoloP Headphone Amp Kit

The SoloP is a great beginner project. It's based on the popular open source design by Chu Moy.  We've made some nice improvements and are offering it as a complete, start-to-finish kit. 

Everything you need to build your own Class AB amp! Gobo Stereo Amp Kit


This Class AB stereo chip amp kit is like no other: it comes with everything you need to build it.  You assemble the Gobo's high-end, audio-grade components in an acrylic chassis that shows off the warm sounding, retro, analog-based design and your handy work. Once you build a Gobo, you'll  never buy off-the-shelf equipment again!