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SoloP Headphone Amp built from a kit in 2-4 hours!
The headphone amp kit includes everything you need, even a battery!
Great beginner kit for learning to solder. Soldering in the chip socket.
Stuffing the headphone amp board with resistors and capacitors.
Assembling the potentiometer (POT) in the face plate.
Measuring wire lengths from the headphone jack to the amp board.
Final assembly. Fitting the headphone amp board, faceplate, and battery into the case.

SoloP Headphone Amp Kit - ships in July!

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Build Time: 2 - 4 hours
Level of Expertise: Beginner. Great learn to solder project!

The SoloP is a great beginner project. This portable headphone amp won't do much for your buds, but it'll sure make your Beats sing. You'll get a much wider dynamic range (difference between loud and soft parts of the music) and it can make everything a little louder and clearer when your iPod struggles to power those big over-ear phones. The kit features:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions, crafted with the beginner in mind, rich with high-quality photos.
  • Single op-amp design.
  • Voltage divider with dual supply.
  • Commodity Hammond case.
  • Custom front panel (but open licensed).

Step-by-Step Instructions

Parts and Wiring Diagram

Instrucciones paso-a-paso

Lista de partes y diagrama de cableado



Build Time: 2 - 4 hours
Level of Expertise: Great learn to solder project!

  • Burr-Brown (TI) OPA2132PA op-amp (the good one!)
  • Total harmonic distortion less than .01%
  • Mini line-level in (such as an iPod, computer, CD player)
  • Mini headphone out
  • WIMA and nichicon audio caps
  • 1% metal film resistors
  • Gold-plated jacks
  • ALPS brand audio pot
  • Battery included :)

The SoloP is based on the popular open source design by Mr. Chu Moy. We've made some nice improvements and are offering it as a complete, start-to-finish kit. The SoloP design is open sourced and the design files are licensed for just about any use CC-SA-BY. The project is archived at

Includes US shipping

The headphone amp kit parts.